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Grounding and earthing might sound like something out of your high school electronics class however what we're looking at here is a natural way to boost your health while going barefoot.

Bear with me! There is scientific backing behind the phenomenon that is known as grounding or earthing, which in basic terms is connecting with the ground while barefoot to boost your negative electron levels.

Electrons are good for your overall health and connecting with the ground (without trainers and shoes) boosts the level of electrons in your body as they move up from the ground through the soles of your feet. Even if you remember next to nothing from school it is fairly easy to understand that the earth is slightly negative charge-wise and so when you touch it with naked feet you absorb some of that negative charge, or negative electrons and these electrons have been positively linked to healing by scientists.

Modern Times

When was the last time you kicked off your shoes and walked barefoot around the garden, a park or indeed anywhere? Modern times being what they are we don't seem to have as much time for these strolls and besides, wearing shoes is socially acceptable where as walking to the market barefoot is not. It was not always this way however and so many are looking to redress the balance by spending more time barefoot.

The Benefits

Grounding has been shown to be especially beneficial to those with chronic inflammation as it offers a natural boost in the form of antioxidants. Negative electrons, sourced via grounding or earthing also help to neutralise or balance out the build up of positive electrons which are linked to the build up of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are well known to be harmful and given that our modern lives have us practically bathing in positive electrons from WiFisignals, mobile phones and many other environmental factors a barefoot stroll occasionally to redress the balance is not a bad thing. Grounding is also linked with reduced stress levels which in itself in a huge benefit given the number of stress-related illnesses and associated conditions that are being dealt with on a daily basis in our busy and pressure-filled modern world.

Maximise your negative electron intake by spending time outdoors, connecting with the earth. Find an activity you enjoy and go barefoot, lie down, rest on the ground, whatever suits the activity you are doing. Not only is this good for your health it is incredibly enjoyable. When was the last time you enjoyed the warm grass under your feet? 

Of course grounding or earthing will not fix any or all of your problems overnight or boost your health to unbelievably high levels however it is something that may be enjoyed alongside your healthy diet and activity-filled day which brings pleasure and added benefits!

Give it a try!