How to Obstacle-run (H2O)

How to Obstacle-run (H2O) group sessions at Merchant Tailors' School are mainly aimed at beginner to intermediate level but sessions can be tailored to all levels. It is for people who would like to gain more confidence, knowledge and generally become fitter and better at doing obstacle course running. Individual and small group sessions at intermediate to advanced level are better suited at The Farm in Elstree. 

Fit For Anything will provide the T's: Tips -Tricks - Technical advise - Time efficiency - Tailored to you - Training! 

During Fit For Anything's obstacle-run sessions you can expect an approach suited to the needs, requirements and ability of the individual participants. Fit For Anything will pass on their own advanced obstacle course race (o.c.r.) experience and provide relevant training, knowledge and guidance. 

Information and questions answered from start to finish and after care for an o.c.r. event such as:

a) How do you best prepare your body physically and also mentally for an event?
b) What are your individual shortcomings and how, what and/or when do you train to overcome them?
c) General technical advice on how to conquer obstacles whilst using minimal energy.
d) Nutritional advice.
e) Which o.c.r. event is best suited to you and what time of year?
f) What to wear: Neoprene material or not? Shoes with great grip or not? Gloves or not? Hat?


Sessions, main venues:

Merchant Taylors' School - NORTHWOOD

These sessions are held in the private grounds of Merchant Taylors' School in Northwood where Fit For Anything's Improving Your Running Performance sessions take place. Group sessions are usually held twice a month on Saturday morning from 8-9am. On site there are 5-6 obstacles, there is an athletic track and there is a lake too for the hard core... 



the farm - ELSTREE (near borehamwood)

Sessions held by Roel from Fit For Anything at The Farm, Elstree are mainly focussed on obstacle course training but Boot Camp sessions can be hosted here too by Roel as this venue is mainly set up for outdoor Boot Camp training. This venue has some great challenging obstacles on site such as 8 meter rope climb, rings, monkey-bars, truck tires and so on. Please contact Roel for further details. Small group and individual sessions currently run on Tuesdays 1-2pm, Fridays 12-1pm and Sundays 12-1pm. 

The Farm - setup.jpg

Please see our contact and locations or Improving Your Running Performance for more details.

Obstacle-running is one of Roel's passions

Roel has an active, total body endurance past including having served in the Royal Dutch Green Berets. He revived his passion for obstacle running when doing a Tough Mudder event in 2013. He has been participating in o.c.r. events frequently ever since. He started to compete within his age group in 2016, subsequently qualified for the short 3km and the standard 15km distance events and participated in the OCR European Championships 2017 in The Netherlands. He also qualified for and participated in the same distance events at the OCR World Championships 2017 (Canada) and 2018 (The United Kingdom) in which he completed all obstacles which meant he kept his wristband. This is something about half the participants within his category manage to do. He also qualified for the European Championships 2018 (Denmark) but didn’t compete there as his schedule didn’t fit. He has qualified for both Championships for 2019 (3rd year running) and his main aim for 2019 is to participate, finish and complete all obstacles (keep wristband) at the European Championships in Poland and also finish within the top 25 of his new age group in the World Championships 2019 which is to be held in The United Kingdom 11th-13th October. 

For more information, call me on 07786 652095 or email me at

14/10/’17 O.C.R. World Championships at Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, Canada.

14/10/’17 O.C.R. World Championships at Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, Canada.

20/10/’18 O.C.R. World Championships in Brentwood, Essex, UK.

20/10/’18 O.C.R. World Championships in Brentwood, Essex, UK.