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Your thyroid is important, very important actually as its "job" is to regulate more or less all of the major metabolic functions in your body. It is responsible for regulating sensitivity to other hormones, controls new protein building, controls how fast/slow your metabolic rate is, calorie burning and that's just the beginning.

When your thyroid stops functioning as it should this has a significant and negative affect on your health resulting in problems with:

  • Depression
  • Being forgetful
  • Struggling to lose weight
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle cramp
  • Joint paint

And many more.

Those with poor thyroid functions will need to see their GP for medication to help regulate this. If you are suffering from the above do asked to be checked out.

Clearly the thyroid needs taking care of and nutritionally-speaking zinc, vitamin B12, omega3  fatty acids, iron, magnesium, iodine, vitamin A and selenium are all linked with maintaining with boosting thyroid healthy functions. 

Here are just a few examples of great foods to include in your diet, many of which have additional health benefits and will also help boost your thyroid health.


These are a good all-rounder, being a great source of protein, quick and easy to make and containing significant amounts of vitamin D, selenium, iodine, omega 3 and B12.

Sea Vegetables

Foods such as kelp and nori are a great source of iodine and there are so many delicious ways to insert them into your diet. Stir-fried or even in the occasional smoothie kelp especially is very popular.

Cashews and Brazil Nuts

Cashews are packed with Magnesium and zinc and Brazil nuts with selenium. Use in cooking and for the occasional snack however do be aware of the fat content of nuts if you are trying to keep your fat intake in check.


An all round good guy diet-wise and very versatile spinach offers very decent amounts of copper, zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin A. I can't promise the Popeye effect however for thyroid boosting amongst other health benefits including spinach in your dietisa clear winner.

Wild Salmon

Vitamin D deficiency is linked with poor thyroid function and luckily for us wild salmon contains good amounts of vitamin D amongst other nutritious goodies tohelp keep us on track from the inside.

Pumpkin Seeds

A great energy boosting snack food a handful of pumpkin seeds offers a good amount of magnesium which is essential for good health and thyroid function.

Grass Fed Beef

Another tasty good guy grass fed beef is packed with selenium, zinc, vitamin B12 and cooked right can be delicious and energy boosting. 

Our bodies rely on the fuel we put in and of course adequate nutritional levels. Being aware of what nutrients your body needs especially can help you plan your diet much more effectively.

Enjoy adding a few new ingredients to your meal plan this week.