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The media tells us to run away (fast!) from fats and to do our best to eliminate or at least reduce them from our diets. The insinuation that you can never lose weight or get fit when you have fat in your diet is as ludicrous as supposing that all fats are the same.

Some fats are not only good for you, they are essential in maintaining a healthy body and may actually help you achieve that much sought-after flat belly!. 

Three "fats" or high fat content foods which are often given a wide berth unnecessarily are eggs, coconut oil and avocado and I want you to know why they aren't the horrors that people imagine them to be.


Eggs are fantastic. They are not processed, injected with anything dubious and are easy to enjoy in a variety of ways. Eggs are a high protein food which helps fuel your day and keep hunger at bay (many people enjoy a hard-boiled egg for snacking to give them the healthy boost they need). The yolk of the egg provides the bulk of the nutritional boost with 11 vitamins and minerals and just three eggs a day gives you all of your recommended daily allowance of B12. Why would you want to avoid this fat-high food?


Avocados have a bad reputation as despite being found in salad boxes and the like they have a pretty high fat content. That said it is GOOD fat (monounsaturated) and so should be on your to eat not your to avoid list. Great in salads and of course as the base for tasty guacamole avocados also offer a decent fibre hit and a significant amount of vitamins.

Coconut Oil

Fairly new to the health food market yet used for hundreds of years coconut oil is incredibly versatile, being used in a number of ways and is an incredibly rich source of MCTs (or medium chain triglycerides) which lower cholesterol levels, improve brain function, makes food taste great, oh and it helps you burn fat too.

Knowing the difference between good fats and not so good fats is the key to enjoying all the benefits that a truly nutritiously dietoffers. Not only will you be benefiting from full RDAs of vitamins and minerals these three examples aloneoffermuch more and may even help you reach your weight and fitness goals.