Fit For Anything has a broad client base - from those who are new to exercise to those with more advanced training needs. Clients visit Roel Jansen for many reasons: strength, fitness, endurance and body shaping.  Client Caroline Isaacs fills us in on her experience with Fit For Anything.

I have been training with Roel for two years now having switched to him from another trainer as he was more specific to the training that I needed to run the London Marathon which I did two years ago.   I love training with him as he makes every session incredibly hard but fun and always different.  Your body aches but it is a good ache that you have achieved something that day.  He has made me even stronger, leaner, fitter and better aligned.  I like to think I am a dedicated client of his with my sessions.  I love to work hard and definitely get as much in every day that I can (sometimes way too much).    My commitment and consistency have definitely helped me in all aspects of life.  My body feels good now and is much stronger than it ever used to be and definitely more toned.  I can even see a few abs too.  I think my mind is healthier too and it definitely helps with the stress levels!

Being fitter has inspired me to experience new things and new adventures. Last year I had a mid-life crisis and went to China with my best friend Wendy – off we went with backpack and all for just over three weeks trekking in places such as Yangzhou, Xian, Chengdu and The Great Wall of China.  Even sleeping one night on the Wall in a two-man tent.  The holiday was one I will never forget and I did things I could never have dreamed of.  In June this year I went with my husband to Peru.  More upmarket this time though.  My husband Alan and I trekked up Machu Picchu while there, battled altitude sickness but achieved our goal of reaching at the top of MP a height of 10,600 feet (3060 metres) above sea level.  It was tough and I can honestly say if it hadn’t been for my fitness level it would have been a struggle with the climb and down in places being a sheer drop and equally as hard as the climb up.  We witnessed many casualties of those who didn’t make it.


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As I said I love training with Roel, and his sessions mean that other activities come naturally. I jog weekly with friends, play tennis and two months ago won the Ladies Singles (handicapped tennis tournament) at Pinner West End Lawn Tennis Club.  I would recommend Fit For Anything to anyone that wants to enjoy a more active lifestyle.