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Summer is fast moving into autumn and for many this is the time we re-embrace our weight loss goals. You may have been out and about a lot more over the summer, on holiday, enjoying time out with your families and during times like these, the pounds tend to creep back on.  If you want to get back on track and hit your target this is the way.

1.      Set Goals
“Lose weight” is not a goal, it is a wish. “Lose 1.5lb a week” or “lose 7lb by *this date*” is a goal. Make your goals SMART and you’ll know what you have to aim for and what you need to do (realistically) to get there.

2.      Eat Breakfast
Yes, we know you are sick of hearing about it however, there is a reason why nutritionists and doctors alike tell you to eat your breakfast. While personally, I don’t necessarily believe it is the most important meal of the day as all meals are equally important, I do believe missing it altogether is a bad move.
Stay fuelled up, continue to repair and beat bothersome blood sugar spikes and energy pits by enjoying a low GI breakfast.

3.      Keep Drinking
This is another of those goals that often people know they should work harder on yet don’t quite manage it. This is why so many people suffer from dehydration on one level or another. Make sure you enjoy clear, fresh water throughout the day. It helps keep your appetite at bay, helps with weight loss and overall promotes good health.

4.      Mix it Up
When it comes to what you eat when you are trying to lose weight it is easy to get stuck in a rut. There are only so many chicken salads a person can enjoy before they start to lose motivation. Autumn is an ideal time to really get creative in the kitchen with healthy stews, casseroles, curries and more. No time? A slow cooker is relatively inexpensive and more than pays for itself in convenience and with helping you stay focused by enjoying great meals.

5.      Eat Your Green
Don’t underestimate the importance of good quality greens. They are packed with antioxidants as well as a plethora of other vital vitamins and minerals. They are also filling which helps with your weight loss. Serve green onto your plate before anything else.

6.      Have an Eating Schedule
Minimise the risk of snacking and maximise the effectiveness of a meal by scheduling your meals throughout the day and sticking to the same eating routine as often as you can.

7.      Move More

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat/drink. Once you’ve got your meal plans organised so you know what you’re eating for the week but also your calorie intake, increase your chances of weight loss by moving more!

8.      Weigh Occasionally
At most, weigh yourself one a week, at the same time every week and wear the same or similar clothing. Don’t scale-hop, jumping on every day, every night; it is inaccurate and demotivating. Your weight fluctuates from day to day and so check in less frequently to see real results.

To lose weight, feel great and stay that way you need to focus on your needs, look closely at your food (yet make it enjoyable) and boost your activity levels. Exercise does not simply help burn calories, it improves your health overall and makes you feel great.