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When working on a fitness plan with clients I advise setting short term goals as well as long term ones. The end goal may be a few stones away for example and this may be demotivating at times. When it comes to successful weight loss even shorter goals are key to success. Those most successful on a weight loss journey are those who take it day by day and make small yet significant changes to their everyday habits. 

Eat Breakfast 

People get sick of hearing how important breakfast is but sorry, it really is. It keeps your blood sugars balanced and gives you that kick start you need (3 cups of coffee is not breakfast). Breakfast doesn't have to be cereal; shake it up a bit with a smoothie, eggs or porridge (not sugar-filled flavoured ones) and you'll soon see the difference. 

Eat Regularly 

With our busy schedules, shift work and everything else life throws at us grabbing meals and snacks (or grazing!) at random times is an easy habit to form. Schedule proper mealtimes, three a day and refuel your body as required. Not only will this help you organise your meals better, being more mindful of what you're cooking or preparing; it will help you regulate your blood sugars and reducing unnecessary snacking. 

Drink more 

Our bodies are made up primarily of water, our organs need it to function (as do many bodily systems) and the downsides of not drinking enough can be pretty rubbish, dangerous even. Enjoy fresh, clean water out of a sports bottle, glass, with a straw, without a straw; whatever helps you increase your water intake is a good thing  

Cut Out Processed Foods 

Whole foods, foods that aren't fluffed up, mixed or filled with artificial ingredients are the very best foods for keeping you healthy, improving your digestion and of course supporting your weight loss goals. If in doubt think "Is this natural?". If not, it might be worth having a re-think about whether that particular food belongs in your meal plan. 

Look After Your Digestive System 

How well our food is processed and how well we absorb the nutrients our meals offer us depends on our digestive health. Eating leafy green (dark leafy greens especially), broccoli and similar green vegetables is a great way to keep your gut happy. 

Move It! 

Many people are able to lose weight without boosting their activity levels, and that's great. You however are not merely looking to lose weight, you want to enjoy the benefits of an altogether healthier way of life which includes meeting your weight loss goals and boosting your fitness. Besides, while you can lose weight without moving more many find that this weight loss soon starts to slow or stop without the activity side in place. 

Sleep Well 

Sleep is not for the weak, it is for those looking to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Your body needs to unwind, to recuperate and your systems need an at-rest reboot at times. Ensure that you enjoy a decent eight hours sleep and take steps to ensuring that this is quality sleep, not disturbed snatches. 


Every day think about how far you've come and about the habits you've changed. Give yourself a pat on the back and move into the next day feeling good and optimistic about your health and fitness successes. 

Rome was not built in a day and when it comes to building a healthier lifestyle and losing weight it pays to take things one step at a time. Making these small yet significant changes will put you on the right track and dramatically boost your weight loss success.