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The summer is a popular time for outdoor sporting events however there are seasonal quirks that you must be aware of to ensure that your summer sporting is as safe as it is fun.

Wear the Appropriate Gear

It is important to dress for the weather and also be aware of how your body reacts to summer heat. For example, some might choose to wear a lightweight full-sleeved top to protect them from the sun. It is also important to remember that your feet may swell and that you could be at increased risk of blisters. Ensure your footwear is well worn in, that your feet may breathe and that you have a blister kit at the ready.

Stay hydrated AND Fuel Up

It should go without saying that when running or taking part in a sporting event that you need to stay hydrated. The extra exposure to the heat and the sun’s rays makes you more susceptible to dehydration. Stay cool and stay hydrated.


Running around on a cool crisp spring day is different to doing the same on a hot dry summer day. Dependant on what your sporting event is you need to consider the effect the elements may have on your endurance and performance and feature this into your training, planning and preparation before the event itself. Also consider the terrain and how the weather may affect this.

Outdoor elements

As much as we’d all love to assume that every summer sporting event we’ll ever take part in will be on a sunny day the reality is that you may well find yourself at the mercy of wind, rain and more. Check the forecast before your event to help you visualise any potential changes and to ensure you’re appropriately dressed.

Be Sun Safe and Smart

Sun protection cream should be considered an essential piece of kit for your sports bag and you should be using it each and every time you attend an event outside. Cover up where possible, wear a hat if appropriate and stay hydrated. The last thing you want is sun stroke, dehydration or sun burn putting you off your game.

The summer time is an exciting time for sporting events; just make sure you are safe and consider the effects of the summer weather on all aspects of your event.