It's easy to let your fitness / training slide during the run up to Christmas. This year why not take part in our charity challenge to keep you going and to raise some money for a very worthwhile cause?

How it works, how to participate:

1) Text FFAC97 to 70070 to donate to The Get Kids Going Charity.
2) Log on to Facebook and join our Fit For Anything Facebook Event page. Here's the link. (To help us spread the word and raise as much money as we can over the 12 days, please share the invite across your social media platforms). Like Fit For Anything Facebook to help us monitor your participation. 
3) Once joined you have access to the events exercises as they will be posted on the FFAC Event page daily. You can also subscribe to our Fit For Anything mailing list (scroll down!) to receive them by email.
4) You will receive your first exercise out of 12 exercises of the event on the 12th December. This is where the fun starts. Open up the link to the video instructions and do the exercise no matter where you are and do the exercise as long as you can in one go.
5) Get someone to film you or take a photo during the exercise.
Go onto Facebook and check into Fit for Anything Event page, then share your pictures/video's using the hashtags #FFAC97 and #GetKidsGoing.
6) There are two ways you can do this event! Number 1: Just do the daily exercise we uploaded/send you. Number 2: Challenge yourself by first doing the current day’s exercise and then all the previous day's exercises.
7) Anyone can take part in this fitness fun event! Encourage others to keep it going during and after the event to get people more active generally and to be(come) Fit For Anything!

Are you game?