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Goals, New Year Resolutions, whatever you want to call them, these top tips will help you meet your fitness targets head on and give you a much higher chance of success.

Set Goals
Yes, in order to meet your goals, you need to set them! Make your goals SMART, write them down, tell your friends; make them matter to you! Running more because your friends are is hardly likely to inspire you long term. Choose your own goals and you’ll be more likely stay on track and be motivated.

Mix it Up!
If something is boring you aren’t going to want to continue doing it, it’s as simple as that. Look for ways to mix up your training which will not only keep you motivated and on track, it will help you further your fitness success.

Find a Friend
While some people work really well on their own sometimes having someone to watch your back, or rather watch to make sure you’re putting your back into it can be invaluable. This is called accountability. You have someone to answer to, other than yourself of course. The flipside of course is that working out or at least keeping each other up to date with progress is a great way to inject some fun and some extra motivation into your fitness goal list. Perhaps some friendly competition could be just what you both need

Take the Hard Work Out of Hydration
You know you need to up your game when it comes to drinking water but let’s face it, unless you’re a fan of drinking water, it can be something of a bore!
Hydration is SO important, both for your overall health as well as your training success so find a way to make it work. Buy one of those fancy bottles that allows you to infuse water with fresh fruit, set an app which will remind you to drink at regular intervals, find a way!

Look and Feel the Part
Surprisingly, if you asked a lot of people why going to the gym scares them the answer is “I don’t want to look like I don’t belong”. Now, personally I believe that if you go to the gym wearing a bin bag you are still doing a lot better than the person wearing designer gym clothes to watch the TV at home. That said, if looking good at the gym, your exercise class or on your run helps keep you going, go for it.
There’s no need to splash the cash too far though as there are some brilliant sportwear and sport shoe retailers out there offering very affordable, very serviceable and great looking training clothes and accessories. 

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back
All hard work and no fun makes maintaining your motivation so much harder! Set yourself rewards to tie in with your short-term goals to give you something to look forward to and to reward you for your hard work up to that point!