There have been many studies over the years regarding exercise and specifically how being more active may have a positive effect on your mood and your mental health. This is a huge topic however; the general consensus is that exercise can help you achieve a more positive mindset.

 The important thing to remember is that your physical health and your mental health are not completely separate entities. If the body isn’t functioning properly the mind doesn’t always work as expected or wanted, and visa versa.

Feeling Good
When you exercise your body is flooded with endorphins and the production of a number of good hormones is stimulated. This means that from a chemical point of view, exercise will make you feel better in yourself, particularly if you exercise regularly. Of course, the organic enjoyment that comes with working out helps too!

Obviously, if you feel ill, sluggish, out of shape or have a specific health concern you will not be feeling as well as you might and this is likely to have a knock-on effect towards your mindset. There are many ways to exercise and so if you haven’t for a long time, have had an injury or are unsure where to start there is always a way and there are professionals happy (and trained) to help you get started and to succeed.

There’s nothing quite like achieving something for helping to create a positive mindset. When exercising regularly it pays to set yourself goals. These goals must be SMART and short, mid and long term. This gives you something to work towards, it motivates and nothing feels quite as good as ticking off one of your goals. When you start your exercise journey and when you get to your end goal and start to maintain it, people will see a difference in you. You will see a difference in you. That doesn’t mean the smaller steps along the way should be celebrated, far from it. These achievements help you to create a positive mindset, even when training is hard!

Alone Time
How does being alone help you achieve a positive mindset? When going for a run, a powerwalk, working out on your own or going for a swim you often find yourself in your own little bubble and this is not a bad thing. This alone time, this time just for you and just about you gives you time to reflect, to plan, to just enjoy what you’re doing without interruptions. Whether your alone-time is spent on a yoga mat, in the zone during a HIIT session or listening to an inspirational podcast while powerwalking, it will be spent wisely.

Group Time
While your alone time is clearly very valuable, group time is too. Working out with like-minded individuals, all striving to reach their goals, having people to commiserate with when a workout is particularly difficult and to laugh with all boosts motivation and helps build a positive mindset.

In Summary
When you work on your body’s wellness you are working on your mental wellness too. A positive mental attitude is all about looking forward, finding positive ways to work through stress and anxiety, and to enjoy what you’re doing. This is how exercise helps you to build a positive mindset.