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When you see people working out in magazines or on Instagram you quite often see people training alone, earphones in, eyes ahead, their face full of determination. Working alone has many benefits (certainly more than no working out at all) however working with a fitness buddy or a group offers more.

One of the biggest plus points that comes with working out with others in the fact that you are more likely to work out. If you’ve had a rubbish day, are feeling a bit tired or perhaps just can’t be bothered it’s easy to say to yourself “It’s ok, have (another) session off”. Letting down a workout partner or telling a group that you aren’t coming isn’t as easy. You know that once you get going, even on those lethargic nights, that you’ll enjoy yourself, it’s just getting out of the door that can be the problem!

Working out with others can be very motivating, particularly as you find yourself swept up in the enthusiasm that others display.

Who doesn’t enjoy a spot of friendly competition? When you work out with others you both tend to push forward, to try and do more or keep up with the other. Doing completely different exercises even, you both want to keep going to the end of the session. Healthy competition, be it with a fitness buddy or as part of a larger group can give you that extra boost you need to get the best out of your workouts.

Easy Access to a Trusted Spotter
When you work out with someone else, someone who has got to know you well, you no longer find yourself scouting around the gym for someone to spot you on the weights etc. In addition to this, having a partner around means you have someone in the know who will point out that your form isn’t quite right, that you need to straighten up, correct your stance and more. This can be really helpful for ensuring that you get the very best out of your workouts.

Not only does having a fitness partner get you off your bum and into your trainers, it gives you someone to report to, to talk to about your progress, your goals and importantly what you’re doing in order to reach them. A good fitness buddy will be like-minded in that they too will be striving to succeed and so will understand your thinking and know what you need mentally as well as physically to get where you want to be.

Group Friendship
When working out as part of a group you enjoy a type of camaraderie that is quite unlike any other; you laugh, joke, cheer each other on and that in itself can be highly motivating as well as being enjoyable. Many people find that they socialise with their running group, members of their exercise class or fitness partner from time to time too as naturally, you all have things in common.

There are a number of great reasons to work out with someone else so why not think about joining a club or looking for a fitness buddy?