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Working out is brilliant in that it helps you get closer to your health and fitness goals and also helps you achieve the look or shape that you are aiming for. What about how exercise affects your mind though?

Stress Busting

It has been well-documented that exercise can be a great way to blow off steam and to reduce stress levels. Whether it be a brisk walk, a fast swim or a fierce HIIT session working out can go a long way to busting stress levels while also giving you time out to think through and process your day or anything else on your mind.

Mood Lifting

Physical activity really does get the juices flowing as it helps to stimulate various hormones and chemicals in the brain which has a mood lifting effect. It stands to reason therefore that working out regularly can do wonders for your outlook and contribute to ongoing mood improvement.


Your brain does not always automatically switch on to chatty and cheerful mode. Sometimes you really can’t be bothered. Sometimes those “I can’t bothered” and “I can’t get myself going” sessions last longer and longer and you find yourself falling into something for a funk. Working out is all about motivation and motivation is contagious!

Having started to exercise, to enjoy the mood lifting chemicals, the feeling of achievement and the exercise itself it is easier to maintain your motivation, knowing how good it makes you feels and wanting that feeling to last. It isn’t long before your motivation to succeed at training starts to affect your overall outlook and your motivation in other areas of your life.


Whoever first said “nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels” has never had a decent lasagne however it is true that there is nothing quite like achieving hard-won goals. Seeing a certain weight on the scales, achieving a personal best or even completing a race or event can be a hugely satisfying time. Naturally success goes hand in hand with positivity which is important in our everyday lives.

Exercise with Others

You may not be someone who considers exercise as a social activity however in a lot of ways it can be. Working out with others is great for motivation, for injecting fun into your workouts and some healthy competition never did anyone any harm either. Celebrating successes with others is also a great feeling!

Chemically exercise does improve your mood and overall helps with anxiety and even depression. Getting moving feels good and of course, your mental wellbeing is as important as the physical.

Not convinced? Enjoy a few sessions of exercise either by yourself or with a friend and see how you feel at the end. Even with aching muscles and pouring with sweat a really good workout can leave you feeling fantastic.