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Powerlifts if done right can look effortless, they certainly do when you see those who have made their name within the athletics community pushing further that anyone else! The trick behind these effortless looking powerlifts isn’t luck or good fortune of any kind; it is hard work (and the right kind of work).

Psst – Powerlifts may look easy enough when someone knows how however trust me, they aren’t! After all, what would be the point if you didn’t feel the burn?

If you want to increase your strength when powerlifting keep reading….

1.      First and foremost, ensure that your position and posture are as they should be. If you are new there’s a lot to be said for a personal trainer or someone else experienced in powerlifts helping to coach you into the correct posture. The positioning of your sternum is key to achieving optimum positioning.

2.      If you want to maximise the strength of your powerlift, particularly before a maximum deadlift you need to avoid tight hip flexors. Stretch your hip flexors out to increase your strength (and personal best).

3.      Those assistance exercises you do prior to powerlifts? Make sure you do them, do them well and above all vary them! There are a vast number of exercises that will help you achieve best results if you chose around ten of them each session and rotate through them. This results in longer-term strength building as well as short term powerlift success.

4.      If you’re looking to struggle with your powerlifts, and quite possible set yourself up for an injury don’t bother setting up your weights and working area up properly before getting started. Such a simple thing and yet not preparing properly is one of the most common causes of lower than expected performance.


Although you will become progressively stronger and more proficient the longer you lift, make sure you check yourself from time to time, going back to basics and ensuring no bad habits have snuck in, particularly posture-wise. If you want to boost your strength when it comes to powerlifts make sure you integrate these training tips into your next workout / session.