Fancy a challenging total body workout?  Then consider Boot Camp group sessions and get fitter faster! Originally developed from callisthenic exercises such as push ups, squat thrusts, bhurpees, jumping jacks, lunges, etc. to get army recruits into shape, they have now evolved into this popular workout as it is an excellent way to improve metabolism, enhance aerobic capacity, boost strength and help control weight. 

Boot Camp can be held in a park or garden near you, at Fit For Anything's private setting, at Merchant Taylors' School or, best suited, at The Farm

Boot Camp is available to all ages and various fitness levels, from novice to expert. Put the boot into it! 

Please see contact and locations for further details.

The Farm, elstree

Our Boot Camp sessions will be held outside and lasts about one hour. Boot camp (half) day package is optional too.

For very large groups bibs will be provided. Reason:If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. For these groups a possible three different fitness levels are indicated by bib colour, red (average), blue (advanced) and green (elite) and activities and/or repetitions will be adjusted accordingly.

Fit For Anything's Boot Camps are mostly being held by Roel who has about 30 years of experience in circuits-style training would make Boot Camp an even greater workout. His fitness qualifications, people skills, ability, adaptability, enthusiasm and improvisation assist in making Boot Camp also a fun session each time!

    •    Great way to gain confidence and energy - an opportunity to meet people and to get back into exercise.

    •    Know (how and when) to eat the right foods to loose weight.

    •    Great for toning, conditioning and to improve stamina.

    •    Ideal for people who want to be taken out of their comfort zone and to be pushed hard.

    •    Get that extra 10-20% out of your training.

    •    No complicated routines or intimidating equipment or mirrors - it can be done anywhere.

    •    Outdoor activity generally burns more calories - including fat - than indoor activities.

    •    It raises serotonin levels which are the body's natural anti-depressant.

    •    A friendly, welcoming, social and fun environment.

    •    Held by a qualified Personal Trainer who provides plenty of support and motivation.

    •    Sessions are varied, interesting and never the same.


Get fitter outside to feel fitter inside!

Sessions available to individuals to form groups in a park near you!