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Across the internet, magazines and fitness blogs you will hear people telling you that coffee is bad, or at least that coffee is bad if you have too much of it. There's that pesky caffeine, which at higher levels may, rather than give you the edge that you need be something that leaves you jittery. And those are the good points apparently. 

Realistically a few cups of your favourite coffee is not necessarily a bad thing at all, and a little of what you fancy most definitely does you good. There is a side to the ominous coffee bean however that few people have heard of and it is one which could completely change the way that people look at coffee.

For those of you who aren't sure about how coffee is produced, typically the coffee bean itself is what is used to make your favourite brew. The coffee bean by-products, coffee grounds and coffee silverskin (the skin that is removed and thrown away after the bean has been dried) are usually discarded without a thought however research coming out of UGR suggests that this "waste" is anything but rubbish.

Testing has shown that the silverskin and the coffee grounds actually contain significant levels of both powerful antioxidants and antimicrobial benefits thanks to being incredibly rich in phenols. 

Antioxidants especially are the warriors which combat and even destroy the free radicals and other nasties which damage your cells, encouraging the development of chronic conditions and more. In short the higher your antioxidant level the better. Antimicrobials work as a anti-viral, anti-parasitic, combat fungal and bacterial build-ups and more. Basically these two combined provide excellent health benefits at high levels.

As yet the so-called coffee "waste" has yet to be produced as a supplement although it would be safe to assume that this is somethingwhich could well happen in the future. In the meantime there are a number of great, easy to find foods with anti-oxidising properties which you may enjoy as part of your every day diet. If however you are determined to give the coffee by-products a go it has been suggested that if mixed with other seasonings that they make a great meat flavouring and tenderiser. It might be worth a go!

This is certainly something to remember and consider next time you hear someone say how bad coffee is for you. It could be that before long the perception is very different.