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When it comes to putting together a training regime it is important to consider what your end goals are. If you are looking to lose weight, slim down and tone you’ll need one routine and if you are looking to bulk up and build muscle I’ll put together and support you with a different personalised training routine..

A training regime that doesn’t focus on your goals will not help you reach them.

When it comes to exercising it is essential that the correct muscle groups are identified and targeted as doing so will boost your successes and get you where you want to be a lot quicker.

If you are going to spend time working out, then you want to make sure that you are using the right types of exercise in order to gain the maximum results from your efforts. Stimulus (the load or stress level) is what must be applied to the relevant muscle groups in order to encourage them to develop and grow effectively.

A Common Misconception

Many believe that if you want to look lean and muscular that you must spend your days lifting weights and that simply is not true. If the desired effect is to look like Arnie or strutting your stuff in and around Chorleywood looking like Mr Universe is your goal then perhaps weightlifting is the best course of action however for us mere mortals who are simply looking for a better, firmer shape, increased strength and overall fitness there are other ways to achieve this.

Examples of Body Weight Exercises

Incorporating targeted body weight exercises into your training requires you (or your friendly neighbourhood personal training expert) to continually fine tune your regime to most effectively enhance your progress and support ongoing improvements in both flexibility and strength.

When people ask “what are body weight exercises” I would use an example such as doing pull ups, then pull ups with a weight belt, slow pull ups, fast pull ups, one armed pull ups…..

Body weight training is all about mixing it up and using targeted routines and exercise to get you to your goal of a lean and muscular body.

Body Weight Exercise over Weight Training

There is nothing wrong with weight training, far from it. Indeed it is a highly effective way to build muscle in this way, primarily by adding weights as you progress to your barbells. Body weight exercises work in much the same way as you increase the pressure (stimulus) you put on selected muscle groups to achieve the same results. As opposed to choosing one of these over the other it would make sense to use a combination of them both for maximum results. It isn't important to remember however that it is not absolutely necessary to incorporate weight lifting into your regime to achieve the look you are reaching for.

Where To Start

If you’re wondering where to start, how to incorporate these exercise into your routine and how best to reach your goal of a muscular and lean body without regularly lifting weights then you’ve come to the right place.

I offer personalised training plans and support to those at all stages of their training life, from new starters to experienced athletes looking for extra support from a qualified trainer so that they might more efficiently meet (and maintain) their training objectives.

Get in touch with me (Roel Jansen) at Fit For Anything on 07786652095 for further information on how I can help you get where you want to be.