James Ellis
Owner and Director at Active Healthcare

'I have no problems recommending Roel as a top class PT for my patients who are recovering from injuries and/or biomechanical problems. I only ever recieve positve feedback and outcomes from anyone I send Roel's way.' 

Reheela Khand

'I have been training with Roel for 3 months and am impressed with his level of knowledge and dedication to his role or i should say passion for personal training
His method is holistic, encompassing body and mind in the training which is tailored to the individual after studying the clients needs and goals. 
He has helped and continues to help me to increase my fitness, stamina, energy levels, balance and core strength to mention a few of the many benefits he has brought me. 
He works equally well with adults and children and has trained my children on a regular basis and they value exercise the way they see him present it. 
I would strongly recommend this very caring and talented individual to anyone who seeks a quality trainer who will make a difference.'

Judy Bertram 
Independent Pilates Teacher

'Roel is a brilliant Personal Trainer. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and totally committed to helping me reach my fitness goals. I shall definitely use him again in the future.'

Peter Robin
CEO at Robin Associates

Roel has worked with me over the past few years to help me recover my strength, speed, stamina and zest for life. When I was 56 years old, I had a severe cancer, which was treated with chemotherapy. The treatment left me alive but in a very weak condition unable to breathe properly or walk more than 4 steps without resting.
He devised a series of progressive and more demanding stretching, stamina building resistance and cardio programmes for me, which I have followed since 2006. I now have greater strength and power than I did in my 30’s. 
On top of the physical exercises we work through, his cheery personality, patience and positive approach to life are infectious. Roel inspires me to reach my goals and new levels of attainment using persuasion and humour in equal measure.

Sanjay Lakhandi
Managing Director MD Freight Services Limited

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Roel over the last 2 years and must state that he has transformed me! During this time he has fully understood both the type and level of training I required and this has helped my wellbeing immensely. His knowledge base extends beyond Physical Training and he would often advise me on healthy eating and nutrition. I would highly recommend Roel.'

Andy Halliday
Owner, TheInstallation.com

'Roel has been a personal trainer and mentor to me for a number of years. He uses a very adaptive training schedule which considers my in and out of season training. I train 15-20 hours a week, With this high demand on my body Roel keeps a close eye to avoid over training,illness or injury. In 2012 I broke six club records as a Time Trial cyclist some had stood for 30 years, Let Roel help you be the best you can be.'

Nicole Woolf
Employment law consultant

'Roel is both a highly knowledgeable and dedicated personal trainer. He has an enthusiastic and dynamic approach to training which really helped me get back into training following back surgery. I have no hesitation in recommending Roel.'

Stuart Greenwood
Technical Director at Oakford Homes Ltd

'I have known Roel for about 5 years and have used him as a Personal Trainer on numerous occaisions. Roel is very knowledgable in his field and an excellent Personal Trainer who makes the training sessions fun and inventive and also hard work! Roel enabled me to achieve my goals of loosing weight, gaining muscle mass and increasing my CV fitness! I fully reccommend Roel for Personal Training.'

Ashok Bhardwaj
Licensed Insolvency Practitioner - Celebrating 36 years in Public Practice. Experience Matters

'I hired Roel to assist me in my physical traing back in February 2013. After couple of sessions I could not carry on as I did not have the inner drive to do so. Roel encouraged me to get back into it and since I started again in August I have lost over 6Kg and I now feel fit and live and I look forward to seeing him every Friday morning at 7am. He is a great guy.'

Rena Harris-Cooksley
Independent Education Management Professional

'Roel is an excellent Personal Trainer -he focuses on individual training needs , gives lots very acceptable advice about maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with positive feedback and ensures a full body workout that results in very positive outcomes in levels of fitness and toned body shape.'

Imran Ahmed
Programme Director at Barclays

'Roel is a highly motivated and skilled personal trainer who has expertise in guiding and training individuals one on one who are serious in achieving their training goals. Roel is fun to train with but also knows how to get the best results with the right exercise regime for an individual using multiple techniques that push an individual to achieve better results. 
I have trained with Roel for several years and would strongly recommend him as an excellent professional trainer.'

Geoff Adams-Spink
Director at Adams-Spink Ltd

'I'm in my fifties and living with multiple impairments caused by the morning sickness drug, thalidomide. In addition to severely shortened upper limbs and restricted vision I have a back injury from my thirties that has resulted in chronic pain. It's therefore absolutely vital that I maximise my body's mobility and agility and keep my weight in check.  

I say all of this by way of preamble because the job Roel does for me is not the standard personal training that a non-disabled person would expect from their consultant.  

Roel is creative and imaginative in everything he does, and looks on my disabilities as just another set of challenges to be worked into his overall approach. Thanks to Roel, I'm a much fitter, stronger individual and I probably experience far less pain than I would if he didn't push me to achieve more and more in the gym.  

Although Roel takes account of my disabilities in the way that he designs my exercise programme, there are no half-measures, no relaxation of the pressure to achieve simply because I'm disabled. 

Roel trained in the military, and I very soon learned that it was really not a good idea to turn up for a session and to ask him to 'go easy' simply because I had over-indulged the night before. For him, this is like a red rag to a bull and he simply makes things even harder to compensate for the abuse that I've inflicted on my body.  

Thalidomiders in the UK are all ageing fast and the Thalidomide Trust is about to stage a series of events to help us to maintain our health and fitness. I've had no hesitation in recommending that Roel be recruited to show everyone how to stay in shape - especially those with all four limbs damaged who are fighting a constant battle to gain control of their weight and who need someone with imagination but not condescension to show them how to maximise their fitness. 

To be honest, many personal trainers that I've encountered tend to take a standardised approach to their clients. I need something much more than that, and in Roel, I get it.'

Pankaj Patel
Owner, PKPFrench Solicitors

'Excellent trainer, great motivator. Noticed the changes within weeks.my family and I are trained by him will continue to be trained by him. 

Makes the hard work enjoyable. Anyone who can do this in this field had got to be not only god but great. Thats what Roel is!! same that can only sue three attributes. if able to i would tick all of them!'

Andrew Bamber
Service Head at London Borough of Tower Hamlets

'Excellence in every respect. In depth knowledge, care in the assessment of the individual and the delivery of a personalised product. Never monotonous as the creativity and attention to detail always ensures a personal challenge and, more importantly, results. If you are looking to turn things around and 'shape up' you won't find better. Represents good value and with your own commitment and excellent return on your investment.'

Sudheer Gupta
Partner at Alliotts Chartered Accountants, London, Specialising in Outsourcing, Business advice, Growing businesses

'Roel is a very experienced Personal trainer who works with you to achieve the results that you are looking for. He is very professional and has a deep knowledge of exercise and diet. He manages to make each session different and uses a wide variety of equipment showing you how to use them effectively. Overall great person to train with and can highly recommend him.'

Rish Patel FCMA CGMA
Management Consultant, Programme / Project Manager for Business Transformation Programmes.

'Roel has been my personal trainer since August 2012. He has expert knowledge and skills in providing advanced training and remedial and rehabilitation techniques.'

Arif Govani
Product Director

'The idea of a PT was not very appealing to me, until I met Roel. The knowledge and insight Roel has shown about my specific challenges has been mind blowing (and the details of it) - with that a routine to work on the areas I need to focus on, The result has been significant in my wellbeing, feel much better and I can see the results clearly. The tough sessions are complemented with plenty of banter making the sessions fun, he is after all Dutch!!'

Vimal Pau
Chairman at santok

'Roel is a great personal trainer - he has a technical approach which can be attributed to his experience and ability to work to achieve an individuals goals. Very personable and a good motivator, don't let his Dutch heritage put you off !! ;-)'

Mervyn Redfearn
Search & Rescue / Medical

'I was fortunate to work in the same health club as Roel where I watched with interest and admiration at his dedication to improve people's lives with his fitness knowledge. His understanding of his clients needs were matched by his realisation of their abilities. He was careful to periodise individual training schedules with careful coaching and feedback. I would personally choose Roel should I feel the need for a Personal Trainer.'

Roger Bradburn
Academic Director at West London College, Heriot Watt University

'I have worked with Roel for several years now. He is an excellent personal trainer who pushes you hard and achieves great results. Thanks to his efforts I successfully completed the New York Marathon and my overall fitness has increased considerably. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wanted to improve their fitness and well being.'

Ash Suchak
CIB Services Strategy Manager at RBS Markets and International Banking

'I worked with Roel during my rehab following ACL and LCL re-construction surgery. 
I was more than pleasantly surprised with Roel's knowledge of knee reconstruction rehab protocol, particularly more so, of my own personal needs, which were specifically Ski related. 
With his help, I was able to get back on a pair of skis, 9 months after my series of operations. Roel is not just motivational, but also has a huge depth of training skills that he applys to his clients. He has a fantastic composure and is extremely patient and approcahable - sort of skills that many trainers do not have. 
I was exteremly pleased to have worked with Roel, I would not have accelerated my rehab without his guidance and input. 
I would recommend him to anybody returning from a sports injury, looking to up thier perfornance, or just want to look at tailoring a fitness regime. 

A great guy with a great approach!'

Kamran Ghobadian
Tender and Business Development Manager at Aker Solutions

'I worked with Roel for the last six months in 2011 and would be delighted to recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated and hardworking holistic personal trainer. A good communicator and motivator Roel pushed me to get closer to my goals. Mature and capable to advise on diet, exercise and all aspects of your training regime.'