The Monthly Fitness Challenge is: 

  • Open to clients only
  • Held outside, usually in a park near you
  • FREE, as long as you make a donation to charity on the day
  • Challenging you to (aim to) become Fit For Anything  
  • An opportunity to meet others and to see how you fare against others
  • Fun and it will assist in keeping you on track

The Monthly Fitness Challenge consists of a fitness test to measure your performance using sets of endurance and strength tests. The endurance part could be a Cooper 12 min run test on an outdoor athletic track, a bleep test and the strength tests could consist of push ups, plank variations, and so on.  

Fit For Anything also organises another kind of challenge for clients to take part in, either as individuals or as a team. This challenge can be an event such as a cycling sportive, any distance run or for example an obstacle course race event. Events are usually completed for a charity of choice and events costs are usually covered by each individual participant. Participating will earn you a FREE Fit For Anything T- shirt as illustrated within the above Fit For Anything Team picture.