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Exciting News re the Obstacle Course Race World Championships

roel jump crop.jpg

There's nothing I enjoy more than sharing good news! I have been invited to take part in the Obstacle Course Race (OCR) World Championships in Canada next month. This is a prestigious event which will see athletes from all over the world traveling to attend. There will be some stiff competition, however, I've found that these events, despite being competitive boast a wonderful atmosphere of mutual support and respect for each other.

To fund the trip I, the same as all athletes am hoping to secure sponsorship. Read more about the event below and how individuals may help, either by sharing this blog post or contacting me to see how you or your business might help (and benefit). Any and all contributions would be gratefully received as they will help me realise a personal goal in my fitness career that I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work towards.

OCR World Championship Qualification FINAL.png