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Walk past any health food shop, open any magazine or have a click around the internet and you'll see that there are a vast number of supplements, teas and more all guaranteed to help you lose weight. 

As a personal trainer and someone with a keen insight into nutritional matters the majority of these supplements and what not have little effect, other than perhaps the placebo effect which helps you "stick" to your healthy diet and rev up your activity levels. 

There are however some foods and supplements which can help you shift those last few stubborn pounds and glucomannan is one of them. 

What is Glucomannan

Not commonly recognised glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fibre which is found and extracted from the Konjac plant. The Konjac plant has had a place in the diet of many in Japan for some timethanks to its taste and the health benefits it offers. Completely natural the glucomannan supplement, which comes from the roots of the Konjac plant, has been widely linked to dietary health and weight loss.

Being a great source of dietary fibre and effectively keeping you full as it absorbs water glucomannan is particularly helpful when it comes to avoiding unnecessary snacking. 

In addition to this glucomannan is linked with boosting the friendly bacteria we need for good gut health and, as it slows down glucose absorption, it is also responsible for balancing out blood sugar levels. Avoiding insulin spikes and keeping your blood sugars steady is key when it comes to optimal health and weight loss success. 

A Long Term Solution?

Glucomannan is a helpful supplement when it comes to aiding weight loss, avoiding over-eating and especially for getting rid of those last pounds which seem to stubbornly wish to stay put, despite you being active and eating well. Glucomannanis not however the magic key to whatever weight you wish to be, it is an aid, not a magic wand. Concentrating on enjoying a healthy and nutritious diet as well as increasing and maintaining a good level of activity is what will help youto succeed in the end, with or without supplements. 

That said, if Glucomannan can help, why not?