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Weight loss isn't the be all and end of all of being healthy and meeting training goals. The weight you see on the scales takes into account your fat certainly but also muscle and water (which makes up the majority) and therefore isn't necessarily the figure you want or need when working out your fat burning goals / plan of action!

If you want to shift fat then you ned to be taking actions that will eliminate the excess fat, not training to lose weight. Yes you may lose some fat during a weight loss programme however not necessarily as much as you'd like as fat can be stubborn and doesn't like to be shed so easily.

What you need is lean muscle because lean muscle weighs more that fat does. It is also more "active" so burn off calories and those calories are in your not-so cherished fat stores.

Full Body Exercises

If you are looking to maintain lean muscle this is the way to do it. In general terms the higher the level or density of your lean muscle mass the more metabolically active it is and in turn the more fat it will shift. Having taken the time to build and strengthen your lean muscle make sure you ensure it's there to stay, particularly when looking to burn off more fat.

Be Realistic About Progress

Get yourself a tape measure and measure your body. This is a much better way to indicate whether your lean muscle has increased and excess fat has decreased. Are you looking more defined? Is everything tight or firm (or getting tighter and firmer)? If so you are on the right track as while losing fat should reduce you in size remember that muscle building adds bulk, although it is a significantly healthier and better looking bulk.

Have the Right Goals

Instead of focusing purely on what the scales say instead look at setting and meeting goals more geared towards increasing strength and also endurance. Not only will these give you more ooomph to be put towards your fat burning training but overall you'll feel considerably better in yourself which at the end of the day is what it's all about.

In summary: Enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet, don't sweat too much about what the scales say and look to burn fat in a sensible and sustained way by increasing your lean muscle.