When trying something new, you don’t have to know how to do it or know the outcome – you just need to be willing.

Trying new things can be undoubtedly daunting. The unfamiliar makes us nervous in a way that is hard to describe. The act of leaving our comfort zone puts us in a vulnerable position, and leaves us with questions like: “Should I be doing this? Can I do this? Do I look stupid? What am I doing!? Too much risk!?” While it may not feel like it, this is normal—and it’s good. All too often we let the fear of the unknown stop us. But pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is actually good for us. Trying new things not only helps us to vanquish those fears, but it also allows us to expand our minds and learn—both about the new activity, and about ourselves.

Feel the thrill!

And then there’s the rush. There’s nothing quite like—or as memorable as—the thrill of a new experience. Despite my own latest challenge taking on a free fall skydive, getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you have to reach heights thousands of feet off the ground I’m not saying you have to jump out of a plane or try your hand at a flying trapeze just to have a new experience (though I wouldn’t discourage it as long as you have done your own research and risk analyses). Trying new things just means you need to experience something different. Though, trying something that is foreign to you might just make you feel like you are high in the sky anyway.

Where to start?

The recent summer holidays are often a great place to start to find a new activity you will love. How about scuba diving, swimming in the sea or a family surfing session as we recently discovered on a trip to Cornwall. Great for the mind, body and soul to go back to nature and possibly enhance the bond as a family.It is always easy to stick to your old routine, but be open and willing to try new things. Go out of your way to expose yourself to new things and it will totally change the way you live your life.

Here are a few important reasons to try new things regularly:

1. Meet new people

2. Reset your focus on a goal

3. Learn about yourself

4. Expose yourself to new ideas

5. Gives you more things to talk about

6. Breaks up the routine of life

7. Increases your overall satisfaction

8. Provides a sense of achievement

9. Extend your own limits

10.Alleviates boredom

11.Boosts morale

12.Discover things you like and don’t like

13.Expands your perspective on life

14.Boosts your overall confidence level

15.Experience more of what life has to offer

16.Increase your fitness

17.Spend quality time with family/friends

18.Enhanced stimulus of your mind and body

19.Can make you more adaptable

20.Can make you feel younger and more active

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to try something new, so what is holding you back? Don’t be afraid of new experiences. Since you only live once, don’t live your life with regrets. Push your comfort zone, within reason of course and try new things. You will find that you will start to look forward to what comes next.