Clients often ask me why I still compete at OCR events “at my age” and with a history of injury.  It is a common question but also one which has an answer which I think will apply to many of my clients no matter what their personal preferences are - what motivates them to set their goals and how they stay on track to achieve them?

In essence, the main reason is still love to compete is simple: Because my body feels it still can so I am convinced I should carry on. However, at a deeper level it provides me with so much more than that.

Having an end goal is vital for my mind set and motivation to train.  Having an event in the diary provides me with the extra discipline to take care of my body, to maintain consistency in training and to be mindful with my nutrition. But it isn’t just the preparation that is important.  Everyone is unique.  We all feel inspired by different things.  For some it may be endurance.  For others it is the challenge of increasing a distance for each event and seeing progress – from 5k to 10K to half marathon etc. Some people on the other hand might get a kick from a team sport or maybe from an extreme challenge. For me it is OCR Events.

I relish taking on the competitive goal within my age category.  But regardless of competitiveness what can always be found during the event, and in general, is great banter, camaraderie and enjoyment with like-minded people.  The feeling of those challenging moments during the event when I have to try my very hardest despite being extremely tired is life enhancing. It is always hard to describe how the release of endorphins helps to assist in lifting my mood and improving my general happiness.

But that is me and my reasons. However, what I think I have learnt is that whatever your goal or choice of event or team some common principles always apply to or reasoning:

·        The power to be alive and kicking and to live in the now

·        To keep fit and healthy

·        To assist, guide and support others where needed

·        To gain life experiences and improve how we deal with obstacles, setbacks and disappointments

·        To learn more about responses by and symptoms of the human body

·        To be mentally and physically strong

·        To be a proud, supportive, kind and respectful participant and/or team member  

I hope this blog might give you an insight into the mind of Roel Jansen but also help to provide some insight into reasons why setting goals and participating in something you enjoy is important for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Always here to help you become Fit For Anything