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There seems to be a common misconception regarding age and working out. Your age needn’t set limits on your health and fitness goals. Past forty so beyond help? Think again.

Studies and statistics from the Department of Health show that over 65’s seldom reach their recommended activity levels and over 70’s rarely do. The decline in activity starts much younger in fact, often in those hitting forty. Half of the problem is the mindset, the “I’m too old to start/to do this” mentality, coupled with the “My body has changed, I can no longer do this” train of thought.

Beating Your Restrictions

It’s true, not all 65-year-olds are able to climb a steep hill as quickly as their younger counterparts. They may find that they have physical limitations that they didn’t in their youth. The key point here is to member that what is most important is the willingness to adapt. So, your back aches and you have a dodgy knee? Stopping regular physical activity is unlikely to aid these conditions and in actual fact are more likely to make them worse. By adapting the activity you choose to undertake, mixing it up a bit, there is no reason why you can’t boost your health and fitness levels and enjoy doing it.

The Benefits of Exercise

Regularly exercising helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems (to name a few) and can actually help to reduce the severity of a number of health conditions.

Mentally, exercise is something that really can change the way you feel and how you live. Endorphins released during exercise are what offers you the euphoric feeling those in training regularly enjoy. It has been proven to aid stress, depression and anxiety. Exercise is a natural mood-lifter.

Where to Start?

If you’ve been out of the exercising game for a while the best place to start is to get some professional advice. You don’t have to suit up and hit the gym, unless you want to, however speaking to someone, such as a personal trainer, will help you identify the best way to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and how to overcome any prior injuries or physical limitations you might feel that you have.

Banishing the Nerves

Jumping with both feet into a few and improved you, a new diet and a dedicated exercise plan may sometimes feel daunting and this could be enough to put people off altogether. Start small. Start with walking, first for twenty minutes, then twenty-five; building up your stamina as you go. Then perhaps consider exercise DVDs or similar that you can use at home. Once you have broken the chain of inactivity and caught the bug you’ll be ready to really look at making lifestyle changes which will make all the difference to your health and well-being.

In Summary

With age comes experience and wisdom so the chances are if you are reading this you already know it’s time to put the “I’m too old” excuse away. I have had, and currently have clients who are 40yrs+ and put some of their younger colleagues and family members to shame with how much they have achieved with their fitness. Too old? Says who!?