Our energy levels do naturally rise and dip to a certain degree, however, taking on board these five positive changes and making them into a daily habit will enable you to enjoy significantly higher energy levels.

This one might be obvious but bear with me. Exercising regularly will help you build your stamina, as well as your overall health. As much as boosting energy levels, exercise also helps ward off inactivity and sluggishness. Many people feel they are more energetic and more productive post-workout with good reason.

A lack of sleep will have an effect on your body and your mind. Experts say that you should enjoy a minimum of eight hours of sleep night in order to allow your whole body and mind to recuperate properly.
This is of course a guideline. Some people need a good seven hours while some might need nine. Find out what works for you and take steps to ensure the sleep you do enjoy is quality, restful sleep as opposed to broken or light sleep.

Everyone is constantly telling you to drink more water. I’m going to say the same. It is really easy to become dehydrated, and not just when working out or during hot weather. Many people don’t drink enough as part of their daily lifestyle and this can contribute to poor energy levels. I understand that increasing what you drink may have you feeling like you’re constantly needing the toilet but stick with it as this does pass!

Did you know that stretching not only helps you to maintain your flexibility and increase your range of moments but that stretching may also help boost energy levels? Stretching regularly helps reduce pain and potential injury, helps to correct poor posture, is a stress buster and overall contributes to a more energetic you.

Remember Whole Body Wellness
Your mental energy is as important as your physical energy. Look at writing down your worries, your thoughts and your plans, look into using exercise to bust stress and from time to time put on your favourite music (loud) and dance. If you can’t switch off/can’t relax properly you won’t sleep well and a damaging cycle begins.