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Move over lotions and potions, the best way to slow down and manage the natural process of aging is to look to your diet and how you choose to live your life.

Overall a well-balanced diet, decent activity levels, cleaner eating and similar are what you need to be looking at, alongside adding these foods into your diet for maximum anti-aging power.

Packed with nutrients and proven to keep you younger for longer from the inside out why wouldn't you enjoy them?


Maca isn't something you might see in our usual supermarket however it is easy enough to get hold of via health food shops and similar. Maca is a superfood from Peru which is absolutely packed with amino acids and a number of nutrients, all of which are essential for your health and which help keep your body tip top for longer.


While all berries tend to contain a decent amount of powerful antioxidants blueberries especially have been noted for being skilled at getting rid of free radicals which age you.


When you buy salmon choose wild-caught Alaskan salmon as farmed fish typically contain high levels of pollutants which you really should avoid. Wild caught salmon however is a treasure-trove of anti-aging and health boosting nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is richin antioxidants, eases inflammation and helps you to reduce the risk of contractinganumber of chronic diseases such as heart disease.


Some people turn their nose up at liver and other organ meats as being a second rate meat source. Quite to the contrary, liver for example is absolutely packed full of minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin A, B2 and B12 alongside zinc, Co-Q10, iron and folate. 

There is no good reason not to enjoy liver as part of your diet (and it may be cooked in so many flavoursome ways).

Sweet Potatoes

These potatoes are very popular with nutritionists and food fans alike with good reason. Not only may they be enjoyed in a variety of ways, they also contain a good amount of beta-carotene which as we know has been linked to protecting eye health, reducing heart disease and a variety of anti-oxidising benefits. 


When your parents said you should eat your leafy greens they were onto something! Foods such as collards, kale and spinach are all packed with nutrients which will strengthen your immune system, improve your memory (via folates) and overall protect you from diseases that you are more vulnerable from as you age.


Eggs, organic eggs specifically offer you vitamin D, a great source of high quality protein, essential amino acids and more, all of which help to ward of aging and work to boost your health. Organic eggs are by far the healthier choice as factory farmed eggs tendto be much less rich in those all-important nutrients.

Whey Protein

This protein is not simply something you enjoy in a shake to help you build bulk and power workouts. Whey protein, when ingested in decent quantities enables your body to produce more glutathione, a powerful antioxidant as well as something which will help repair any damage.

Have a think about these foods when planning your meals this week. The benefits are substantial and from a taste-perspective you really can't go wrong!