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Ayurveda medicine is the Hindu traditional medicine system that is much respected on a global level. While many would consider Ayurveda an alternative medicine method more recent scientific studies have backed up many of the findings that practitioners advocate.

One common kitchen ingredient that features highly on the Ayurveda hit list of go-to remedies is ginger. This earthy spice has been used for many years in many different ways with a great number of reports backing up claims that ginger does indeed help with health and well-being.

When working to a strict nutritional and exercise-related regime it is important to consider including true superfoods such as ginger for the list of benefits it offers is substantial.

Boost Your Appetite

If you find that your appetite has waned gnaw on some fresh ginger before you eat your meals as many swear that it helps to boost your appetite. Why is this important? Your body needs fuel and when you don't eat enough not only will you not have the energy you need to live properly, let alone train; when you don't eat enough your body goes into starvation mode and will hold onto fat reserves to preserve itself.

Ginger Makes Your Meals Work Harder For You

Choosing a meal for its nutritional values as well as its taste factor is a wise choice. If you want those body healing and health boosting nutrients to work harder for you incorporate ginger into your meals. Ginger increases the level of absorption of essential nutrients, truly maximising the benefit of every bite.

Cramp Relief

If you suffer from leg cramps most people tell you to drink tonic water (quinine) or eat bananas (potassium) for relief. Did you know that when it comes to stomach cramps ginger is highly effective for reducing or getting rid of the discomfort?

Ginger Gives You a Good Clear Out

No, not that type of clear out (although it is good for the digestive system). Ginger helps you clear those passages or "microcirculatory channels" which tend to become inflamed and/or clogged. A perfect example of such a channel would be your sinuses.

Nausea Busters

Ginger is brilliant for reducing feelings of nausea and warding off actual vomiting. It is for this reason that many pregnant women who suffer with morning sickness turn to ginger biscuits or for more hard-core relief raw ginger.

Wind Relief

If you struggle with trapped wind or flatulence (excessive wind) incorporating more ginger into your meals or snacking on ginger may help with these rather unpleasant symptoms.

Joint Paint?

Many people swear by the anti-inflammatory benefits that ginger offer. Why not use ginger essential oils in your bath to ease the pain or include more ginger into your diet for a double-whammy healing effect?

Who'd have thought that such an ugly root could offer so many benefits!?

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