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A "new" superfood? The foodie fad of the month? No, Kale is much more than the recent popular health food as for years many have ben enjoying its many benefits.

While not actually a magic ingredient or a time machine Kale possess a number of anti-aging properties. As we know you are what you eat and so choosing the right foods will make you feel better and even look younger / healthier.

Kale and Nutritional Benefits

There is a very good reason that Kale is referred to as a superfood. Offering as much as 1180 per cent of your recommended intake of Vitamin K, as well as almost your full RDA of Vitamin E, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C can you afford not to eat it? Packed with nutrients such as copper, folate, phosphorus, omega3 fatty acids, calcium and more this is not a food to be ignored.

For those watching their calorie intake kale offers all of these nutritional benefits with very few calories. Eating kale as part of your daily diet is very much the same in many ways as taking a multi-vitamin tablet, only tastier!

Antioxidant Power

Kale is also well known as being a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants battle the dangerous free radicals your body comes into contact with reducing the risk they pose to your health and well-being. This strengthens your immune system, keeping you well and warding off any number of health related issues. Antioxidants are known to help ward off certain cancers for example as well as containing high levels of glucosinolates (the body converts these to fight off cancer too).

It is clear to see why antioxidants are so popular with nutritionists and health experts alike.

Looking After Your Bones

With Kale being packed full of both Vitamin K and calcium it is indeed a superfood when it comes to protecting and maintaining your bones, warding off the higher risk of osteoporosis, reducing the likelihood of developing it. Calcium is well know as being the bone-loving nutrient however Vitamin K is often overlooked in this department which is why introducing Kale to your diet is so important.


Once more the glucosinolates found in high volumes within kale work to help rid your body of toxins, effectively detoxing your system. Anyone with a build up of toxins in their body will be at higher risk of immune system issues as well as early aging signs such as fine lines, dull skin, wrinkles and more.

Preparing and Eating Kale

The best way to enjoy kale and its health-boosting benefits is to eat it raw or steamed, retaining nutrients. Indeed steaming kale appears to boost the cholesterol lowering benefits of this superfood as well as increasing how effective the fibre in kale works within the digestive track.

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