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While the UK is at best unseasonably warm right now there's every reason to expect the temperatures to start dropping soon. For many that's when the running routine tends to go out of the window.

If you're determined to keep going but need some tips keep on reading:

Change Your Tracking

Many of us runners track our distances over the course of a week. Over winter, when you are combating adverse weather and busy seasonal timetables track the distances you run over a month instead. The reason for this is that firstly it gives you a change to "catch up" on low or no distance days as you have more time to do it and secondly it is seriously motivational, seeing how you handled a whole month at a glance.

Mix it Up

Some people track their distance traveled, some their speed and some the time they ran for. One of the common excuses for complacency during the winter months is being cold or getting bored. Mix up your routine, tracking progress differently or don't track at all. Just get out there and run until its time to turn back. Enjoy some sprints as part of your run, keeping yourself warm and really giving yourself a boost.

Run Indoors

I'm not suggesting that you substitute outdoor running for indoor sprints around the house! While there really is nothing quite like running out in the fresh air over winter the adverse weather conditions may be very off-putting for some and certainly ice and snow can increase the risk of injury. If you have a running machine at home (under clothing or in the garage) now could be the time to dig it out or perhaps mix things up and go running at an indoor track if there's one locally or use a monthly / pay as you go gym pass.

Run for Fun

Set yourself a fun challenge, run with friends or other locals and work at keeping each other motivated. Running around over the winter season can be cold, damp and uninspiring however with a new challenge or some competition you might find yourself more likely to grab your running shoes and get going.

What's your top tip for running / training during the winter? Do you have a fail-safe motivational tip or like many will you be taking note today and looking to make positive changes to your routines to suit the colder weather?