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There are so many different benefits to so many different foods, vitamins, minerals and so on. Did you know that some are directly responsible for protecting and even improving your eyesight?

Don't take your eyesight health for granted as once it starts to fail it can be a slippery slop and decreased vision is no joke. While this may occur naturally as part of the aging process when you can strengthen your eyesight and prevent decline there's no reason not to. It's all in the nutrients!

Consider adding these five nutrient rich ingredients / foods to your diet to protect and maintain your eyesight

  1. Leafy Greens (Dark)
  2. Dark leafy greens in your diet offer a number of health benefits and improving and protecting eye sight is one of them. Containing lutein and zeaxanthin which are reported to improve the health of your vision these are definitely worth including in your meal plan. Both are found in your eyes already, lutein being found in the pigment in your eye and help to absorb blue light and therefore protect your vision and zeaxanthin is seen in the retinas. Look out for chard, spinach, dandelion and even turnip greens.
  3. Omega 3
  4. These wonder-fatty acids are also well known for boosting health in a number of ways however few people realise that they are also beneficial to eyesight. Linked with cell-function (and concentrated in and around the retina area)  omega 3 levels may be boosted via animal based sources which are found in wild salmon, anchovies and even sardines. They may also been found in high quality supplements.
  5. Remember Your Eggs
  6. The all round good-guy the humble egg, particularly the egg yolk is a good source of zeaxanthin and lutein which again are great for maintaining eye health.  Despite previous concerns about eggs being worrisome when it comes to your cholesterol levels more recent findings have found this to not be true. This means that enjoying the many benefits eggs provide to your health and well-being has never been easier.
  7. Carrots
  8. While carrots can't help you see in the dark (I've no idea where this myth came from, although suspect it may be something parents have said to get their children to eat their veg!) they can help protect your eyes. Being a great source of beta-carotene which is an anti-oxidant and vitamin A these combined offer a wealth of cell-protecting, health boosting benefits.
  1. Blackcurrants
  2. These popular berries are packed with important eye health boosting nutrients, namely fatty acids as well as anthocyanins which are known to aid vision.

What's even better is that fact that as well as being great tasting and clearly beneficial for your vision related health all of these are cheap and easy to get hold of. There's no good reason not to include them in your diet.