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There is a huge amount of advice and guidance out there, all of which promises fast results. There are also a lot of assumptions when it comes to health and fitness and these are often myth-based or just plain wrong which results in people who wish to be healthier missing out. It might be that some people are not seeing results because they aren't working out effectively.

Believe it or not, if you work out too hard and for too long you not only run the risk of causing real damage to your body, you might end  up speeding up your aging properties thanks to those not-so friendly inflammatory molecules that will be released.

If you want to know whether you are doing it right you need to see, read and assess your biofeedback signals.These will tell you if your working out sessions are resulting in successes or not. Listening to them will help you burn fat, build muscle and even get your body to keep working and burning well after the session has ended.

Biofeedback Signal 1

The key to this biofeedback signal is being breathless. When you reach a certain level of intensity in your training and push yourself so far you become breathless. This is a good breathlessness. You need to be at that stage where your lungs are practically sucking air in because it is at this stage that your metabolism releases catecholamine. Catecholamines are important hormones which instruct your body to break down and burn off body fat that has been stored to use for energy, 

This backs up the benefits of HIIT workouts as studies show that short and sharp workouts increase the body's metabolic rate by as much as 21% for as much as 48hrs afterwards.

Biofeedback Signal 2

A report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine back in 2009 showed that the burning feeling or sensation you get in your muscles when working out is not lactic acid and other waste products building up. Thisis actually a process which kicks off muscle growth and fat loss. Not wasteful at all! In order to achieve this "state"  and release HGH (responsible for anti-aging, bone strength, body fat reduction and more) you need to be looking at HIIT workouts once more, high intensity and short time frames.

Biofeedback Signal 3

Testosterone in men and women is produced in greater volumes when someone takes part inexercisethat makes them strain, feel the burn and again has them breathing hard. The benefits of testosterone production are vast and so when feeling the strain (i.e. lifting) you produce an energy booster, something that strengthens bones,is a mood lifter and more for women and offers added muscle building benefitsand motivation for men too. 

Exercise in general won't necessarily get you when you want to be. You need to know your goals, listen to your biofeedback signals and adjust your workouts accordingly. Are you working smarter rather than harder? Perhaps it's time for a re-think?!