We all know that there are things that aren’t good for us and that perhaps we should avoid. Gorging on junk food is most definitely one of the big “you really mustn’t” items on the list when you are trying to increase your health, drop your weight and generally feel better about yourself.

Chorleywood and the surrounding areas have their fair share of outlets selling junk food, not to mention what’s on offer in the supermarket so how are you expected to beat the temptation when your junk food cravings are so high?

Understanding Food Cravings

Scientists tell us that our food preferences may start to develop as early as when we are still in the womb. Pregnant mothers eating high levels of fats and sugars transfer this to the baby. In many cases this will result in these babies growing up to favour and even crave fatty and sugary foods.

There is a pleasure / pain trade off with junk food too. Although it is not good for us and we know this our brain centres react in such a way when we eat a combination of fats, sugars and salts that the sensation is often pleasurable.

We know it’s not great to eat junk food, we feel guilty when we eat junk food and yet our body craves it and we love the pleasure we get from eating it (until we feel guilty and sluggish again).

This is certainly a vicious circle and it is easy to understand once you understand the science behind why so many succumb to them. The important thing is learning to beat cravings and enjoy a healthier and happier diet.

Tips for Beating Junk Food Cravings

Fasting – Sugar is a major factor when it comes to weight gain and health issues. Beating the sugar cravings is never going to be easy however fasting could well be the answer. Experts have found that intermittent fasting helps your body cleanse itself from sugar and that limiting your eating time (the time between your first meal and your last)  to eight hours helps burn fat and build glycogen stores up.

Ask Why – There is often an emotional reason why people turn to junk food, knowing subconsciously that the sugar, salt and fat “high” will perhaps make them feel better for a short period of time. It is important to remember that exercise releases pleasure-giving endorphins too, is an enjoyable activity in itself and the short and longer term benefits are considerably healthier.

Where emotional eating is a serious problem it may be advisable to talk to a professional about the emotional issues which need to be dealt with properly.

Have What You Need Built Up – Often cravings are for things you or your body feels are missing. It stands to reason therefore that when enjoying a balanced and nutritious diet you will be building up stores of the much needed vitamins and minerals usually craved and so will feel less and less reliant on quick fixes and enjoy respite from cravings.

Reap the Benefits

If you follow this advice you’ll see a significant reduction in your cravings and will soon begin to feel the health benefits.

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