Are you looking for DIY ideas to do Boot Camp at Home?

Whether you want to plan a fun, fitness activity for your kids or you are serious about a backyard boot camp, we’ve found some great ideas to help you! Gather a group of friends and plan a weekly workout with these fun, diy boot camp ideas. Get the kids healthy too. These make great summer or family outdoor recreation activities. They are so much fun, no one will realize they are working out!

This is a fun way to get even the littlest tykes involved in outdoor fitness activities. No Time for Flashcards has Boot Camp Bombers- a sort of hide and seek game for kids using plastic paratroopers.

The website, Boot Camp Ideas offers a simple circuit with 4 stations. This one will get your heart rate going. You can use it for a boot camp for teenagers or adult circuit training. Boot Camp Ideas offers several circuit training activities. Another example is listed below.

Circuit Training Activity Plan

Circuit 1 – Upper (6 minutes)

80x push ups

80x mountain climbers (L+R=1)

80x railing dips

One client runs 100m

Rest 2 minutes. Use this time to explain circuit 2.

Circuit 2 – Lower (6 minutes)

100x squats

80x high knees (L+R=1)

40x glute bridge marches (L+R=1)

One client runs 100m

Rest 2 minutes. Use this time to explain circuit 3.

Circuit 3 – Full (8 minutes)

20x rolling get ups (use partner if need be)

40x tuck jumps

60x partner high 10 sit ups

One client runs 50m

Total points from all 3 rounds wins!

Penalties - Stay strict on technique to keep things fair. On a third warning about technique, the client loses a ¼ point for their team.

Another easy backyard boot camp idea is to plan your own obstacle course. Do you have some tires? A picnic table? Maybe an old ladder? Gather up your items and design your own backyard bootcamp!

In addition, we’ve listed some more fun Pinterest ideas for a diy boot camp:

Make a fun boot camp for a kids’ birthday party.

Use pool noodles for a kids’ obstacle course.

Incorporate nature with your boot camp, like this one with hoola hoops hanging from trees and bails of hay to jump or climb: Warrior Dash Boot Camp for Kids.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is enjoyable. Getting fit doesn’t have to be unpleasant!