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3 Different Types of Exercise Workouts to Build Good Muscle Tone: The Burpee, The Turkish Get Up, and Isometrics

Burpees are actually a combination of 3 movements - push up, squat and jump.  For a great description visit the site Fitness and Power.  I've added some tips to make them more challenging. If you want a six-pack try the Turkish Get Up and Isometrics as described below. 


To make this exercise more challenging you could:

1) Include and isometric 5 second hold during the squat

2) Add an extra press-up

3) Use only one leg for balance during the press-up

4) Do a "box jump" during the jump stage

Despite what a lot of gym users believe, doing hundreds of ab curls is not a wise thing to do. When doing them, you are also working your hip flexors which compresses your spine and can cause lower back problems.

If you're trying to get a six pack, I would recommend the Turkish Get Up.

Here's a demo of it:

Are you finding your usual functional workout routine too easy and no longer challenging? Then why not add an isometric hold to it?

For instance, when performing a squat, add a 10 second hold on the flexion stage after every 5 reps. 

Isometric holds can crank up the intensity of any functional exercise. And bare in mind that when you up the intensity of an exercise you are increasing calorie and fat burning.

Still struggling to get that flat, toned stomach and the six-pack?  Well, one of the most effective ways of burning that layer of fat covering up your six pack is by doing short, high intensity workouts. Combine this with eating a diet composed of whole foods and low in refined carbohydrates.

If you begin this regime you will soon notice a difference!