With the expansion of the digital age many of us, whether we are at work or at home tend to spend a significant amount of time sitting down at our desk or with our gadgets. While this is a score for the world of technology medical professionals are now uncovering links between extended periods of sitting down and health concerns. 

Is Sitting Depressing Us 

It might sound far fetched however a report published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine recently showed how studies confirmed that those who didn't undertake any exercise and spent more time sitting were much more likely to suffer with depression. 

From the report: 

    •    99% of participants were more likely to suffer with depression if they didn't take part in exercise on a regular basis 

    •    Women sitting for more than seven hours a day were shown to be 47% more likely to be depressed 

    •    Those most likely to suffer depression were those who didn't exercise regularly and spent the majority of their day sitting down. 

Whether being depressed causes people to feel less motivated to undertake exercise or whether lack of exercise contributes to depression is not 100% clear however the study does indicate that those more active were less likely to suffer. 

Get Up From Your Desk 

Sitting constantly will cause a number of health issues, physical as well as mental. Muscles not being used will deteriorate, you'll suffer pain (aches and cramps), your joints might suffer and these are only the more obvious issues. 

As much of the damage down while sitting is done while working at a desk these tips might help reduce the risk of health issues caused by excessive sitting. 

    •    Choose a well designed work-station which allows freedom of movement and for you to be able to work sitting down and standing. 

    •    When using your phone or indeed at any opportunity stand up. You aren't chained to the desk so stand up, move around, stretch and boost your circulation whenever you can. 

    •    Don't use the lift at work, or anywhere. Inject a little extra exercise into your work day the easy way by using the stairs. if your office is twenty flights up take the lift part of the way then walk, increasing how far you go over time. 

    •    Stretch. Every forty-five minutes at least get up from your desk, move around and stretch your arms, legs, torso and shoulders. You'll be surprised how good this feels and it might even increase your productivity. 

Enjoy a Little Exercise 

Walking to work, using the stairs and stretching out whenever you can is a great way to decrease the risk of physical and mental health issues associated with sedentary lifestyle / work life. To further protect you and to increase your health and fitness levels so that you will feel altogether better about yourself do ensure that you include regular exercise as part of your week.  

Fitting in hours at a gym may not be possible for you however working with a personal trainer will help you identify the best type of exercise for your specific needs, including workouts that fit around work and home commitments.  

Your health is something that should be cherished and as such should be worked on to maintain it whenever possible. 

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